Money-Saving Tips for Dog Owners Trying to Keep a Clean Home

Money-Saving Tips for Dog Owners Trying to Keep a Clean Home

Everyone with a dog knows that they are, first and foremost, loving and loyal companions. But they can also be tornadoes of hair, dirt, and destruction. Even hypoallergenic breeds can bring bugs, grime, and general disarray to any home. Housekeepers, robot vacuum cleaners, and weekly or monthly deep cleaning services can be pricey. Here’s how to keep a clean(ish) home on the cheap.

Increase your grooming frequency

The number one way to reduce your dog’s shedding is frequent grooming. All you need to properly groom most dogs is water and good brush. Using human shampoo too often can dry their skin out, and dog-specific shampoos can be pricey. A quick rinse and a thorough brushing is sufficient 90 percent of the time, but if you want to make your own dog shampoo at home, it’s easy and cheap. Shop around for cashback opportunities and other deals at places like Amazon (which also has daily deals and exclusive on-site coupons) before buying your brush and supplies.

Remove odors the natural way

While there are special enzymatic cleaners specifically designed to help fight pet stains and odors, they can be expensive if you have to use them often and can contain chemicals that you simply don’t want all over your house. When it comes to busting stains and odors, the natural way is quite effective. With a combination of vinegar and baking soda, you can do the trick. You can also make a citrus cleaner (naturally enzymatic!) with some orange and lemon peels, sugar, and water. If you opt to buy any cleaning supplies, check for online coupons at a store like Target before you purchase any cleaning supplies. There are usually plenty of deals on household items.

Buy cheap, sticky things for easy cleanup

Having a good vacuum cleaner to help you remove pet hair is nice, but unless you spend hundreds of dollars on one, it’s likely to clog up and fail when faced with overuse. Fortunately, there are quick, cheap, disposable ways to remove hair from your upholstery, clothing, floors, and bedding. Try a wet rubber glove or sponge for quick hair pickup. Lint rollers also work wonders, and so does duct tape. You can even rub a pumice stone across a floor to catch hair. Cheap dry mop pads will also snatch hair (many are electrostatic). With a quick search online, you can usually find promo codes, in-store offers, and cashback opportunities at retailers like Walmart that will help you save even more money.

Set up a battle station at your front- and/or backdoor

Your home’s points of entry are where the battle against pet messes can be won or lost. Win the battle by setting up a cheap cleaning station that will help you remove dirt, bugs, leaves, hair, and other pollutants before they reach your home’s interior. You first step is to invest in some inexpensive baby wipes. They will help remove pollutants without harming your dog’s sensitive skin. Next, try a new doormat, or preferably a mat designed to trap kitty litter around litter boxes. If you have a doggy door, make sure you clean inside the grooves and around it often. Things can easily become lodged in dog doors and can transfer to your pets as they enter the home.

As with any cleaning task, you can save time and money by doing a little every day as opposed to letting it all pile up and tackling the cleaning in one big swoop. To avoid having to pay to steam clean your home or having to hire a housecleaner, take the time to focus on everyday grooming, hair removal, and general tidiness. Your dog is a smart, beloved member of your family – but they are not going to clean up after themselves!

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