Key and Lockbox Handling Agreement

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Two sets of keys and one lockbox are required. 1 set of key(s) will be kept in lockbox and the other set of key(s) will be locked in the Pupsicles office.

    I furthermore agree to and understand the following conditions and terms:

    - A $10 per key charge will be assessed if a backup method of entry is not provided.

    - A lockbox will be provided and set up with a 4 digit code during Meet & Greet.

    - Pupsicles Dog Care has my permission to make a copy of my key(s) for emergency/backup purposes at their discretion.

    - Pupsicles Dog Care agrees to place an identifying code on my keys. My keys will not be marked with my name or address. When not in use my keys will be stored in the lockbox and Pupsicles office at all times.

    - My keys will be automatically retained by Pupsicles Dog Care at the end of each service period.

    - Pupsicles Dog Care has permission to provide my keys and lockbox code to any of its employees or independent contractors that will be providing me with dog/cat care service(s).

    Key and Lockbox Returns
    I understand that if I decide to terminate services and wish to have my keys back without a fee for Key Drop Off, I will inform Pupsicles in writing before the last service is completed. This note will include the message - Leave keys on the date and time of the last scheduled visit, and instructions on how to secure my home while leaving the key. I understand that the Care Provider will not be able to access my house again leaving the keys, including in the case of emergencies or delays in my return. Key return at the last visit of service is free and lockbox will be retrieved. At this time if lockbox is not present a $15 charge will be assessed.

    Pupsicles Dog Care is willing to exchange keys via drop off or pick up. Each personal key transfer is charged to the client at a rate of $10.00.

    This request must be confirmed ahead of time, and a signed copy must be left for the Care Provider. By submitting this request, I agree to all terms as stated on our website.