Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs

Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs

The holidays are fast approaching.  What do you get the guy who never lets you down?  So what if he’s on four legs – he really is your best friend.  From traditional chew toys, dog coats, beds and even games that exercise his brain and body, there’s so much to choose from. So how are you going to figure out what would be the absolute perfect gift for Fido?  Relax and have another cup of hot chocolate – we’ve done some of the homework for you.  Check out this list of great gifts that your dog – and all of the dog parents in your life – will love.

This holiday season, The American Kennel Club (AKC) recommends products like the TRIXIE Dog Activity Flip Board to keep your dog’s mind sharp.  Here’s how the Flip Board Works:

●        Fill compartments with treats

●        Watch as your dog tries to figure out how to open the compartments

●        He’ll have to lift flaps and sliding covers to get to the treats


The AKC also recommends the Outward Hounds’ Star Spinner and the Nina Ottoson Dog Tornado as other interactive toy options.  The experts at Real Simple recommend the HurriK9 Launcher + Three Rings to give Fido a great workout in a short period of time.  Here’s how it works:

●        This device launches rings more than 100 feet away, so after a few launches, lazy Fido will run the length of a football field

●        It can be used indoors, outdoors and even in water

●        You can use the rings as training aids

Dog Strollers

If Fido is just plain spoiled and a bit lazy, you may be rolling your eyes at the thought of a dog stroller for him under the tree this year; however, there are some pretty good reasons to own such a contraption:

●        No matter where you’re going, a stroller will keep your gentle furry friend from other animals that may be aggressive  

●        A dog stroller will let you secure your dog in an emergency

●        Putting your dog in a stroller can help protect his feet

●        Even if your dog is tired and wants a nap, you can still get your exercise by pushing him around

Gifts for Elderly or Disabled Dogs

Elderly dogs are more apt to slipping.  You may want to consider non-skid boots with friction at the bottom.  They come in various bright colors and sizes. Heated dog beds can provide relief for dogs with spine problems and keep elderly dogs warm.  A washable doggie diaper or suspender outfit to prevent leakage may be a great gift for your senior dog this holiday season. 

Gifts for Dog Lovers

Maybe you drew your cousin’s name in the family gift pool this season.  This girl loves her dogs, and you want to get her a special gift that reflects her obsession. Check out Pinterest for a plethora of ideas for your cousin.  Whether it’s a coffee mug, tote bag, wall art, T-shirt, or iPhone cover, there’s something for every pooch lover.

No matter what you choose this holiday season for your own dog or for the dog lovers you know, you’ll be sure to get tails wagging with one of the ideas on this list. Dogs truly are man’s best friend, and they are as deserving of a special gift at Christmas as anyone on Santa’s nice list.

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